Patrizia Vicinelli

1. Sette Poemi (1967-76) (7:45)

From the LP Futura Poesia Sonora (Cramps Records, Milan)

In Italy, from 1966, Patrizia Vicinelli, referring to surrealist matrices, has tried to analyze the roots and the unconscious motives of the structure of language. The readings she has often given at various avant-garde manifestations culminate in the disintegration of the language on the written and spoken planes. She affirms that she has come to some conclusions which center on the phonetic key of dialect, on the search for the original semantic code, which lies in the first linguistic experiences, in sounds and phonemes, in the dialect first carefully removed and now rediscovered, a rediscovery of the primary element in the creation of her poetic language. It is a singular and interesting attempt to transform the vocal chords into a means of transmission from the unconscious humorous depths. The words are brought forth by uncertain stammerings and syncopated contractions of the uvula, representation of a contracted dance of the nerve centers to emit the expression.

Patrizia Vicinelli was born in Bologna in 1945. She collaborated with Celli and Spatola in the publication of literary magazines. Later in Rome, she contributed regularly to the magazine "Ex", founded by Emilio Villa and Mario Diacono. She joined "Gruppo 63" at the reunion at La Sezia in 1966. Since then she has published a volumes of poety, written novels and made films.