Yoshi Wada

NOTE: Yoshi Wada's Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile is back in print. Please support EM Records of Japan by purchasing a copy.

Lament For The Rise And Fall Of The Elephantine Crocodile (1982)

1. Side A

2. Side B

2 untitled tracks, covering 1 lp-side each.

Created with Yoshi Wada’s Pipe Horns: enormous plumbing pipes with mouthpieces attached. They sound a little like tubas, although the sound is more direct, and the players can slide from one note to another without benefit of valves or slides.

""...Lament for the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile (INDIA NAVIGATION COMPANY IN 3025, 1982) rewards the listener with a series of awe-inspiring vocal chants, a side-long marathon for your ears that comes close to delivering the power of a shamanistic trip. In fact Yoshi himself describes something approaching a hallucinogenic state as he stood there wailing his baritone drones against the tiled wall of an empty swimming pool for hours. Just the thought of a man doing this keeps me awake at nights - it seems to knock extreme performance art into a cocked hat, with the possible exception of Stuart Brisley. Good Heavens, can you imagine the vibrations set up in your inner ear and the chambers of the human body through performing this act of chanting? It's a wonder he didn't fly away like a helium balloon. If you dare to play this monster at home alone in the dark, I would recommend strapping yourself to the armchair first..."


Off the Wall (1985)

1. Side A

2. Side B

Off the Wall LP

Yoshi Wada-bagpipes; Wayne Hankin-bagpipes; Marilyn Bogerd-adapted organ;
Andreas Schmidt-Neri-perc
recorded May 1984, Berlin

On this album you can listen to the sounds of a five-octave range homemade organ pipe, connected with a central machine, spreading the sound all over the room, where the music is played, this is a loud and nearly metaphysical minimalist experience.

""quartet for two bagpipe players, electric organ and tympani, a more primitivist 'In C' if you will. Except that it's probably not in C...."

""...a bagpiping masterpiece which - similar to his previous release - celebrates and emphasises the bouncing of sound off a solid force: the physical nature of sound reverberating in a specialised environment. And let me say folks, it's an experience that transfers to vinyl pretty damn effectively - crank up the volume to the nine o'clock position and you'll find out what I mean. He built these unbelievable huge bellows which you pump with your feet to play the pipes, whose dimensions were more on the order of organ pipes than regular chanters. You wouldn't want to meet the Scottish chieftain who could actually lift such an instrument. This record is not as frightening as Crocodile, in fact I find it quite soothing, but the uninitiated should prepare for the full force of a massed angry wasp attack." - ED PINSENT