Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

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Interviews with Andy Warhol

  1. CBS Interview 3.10.65 1'33"
  2. BBC Documentary - "Say Cheese" 1965 10'30"
  3. WNET, USA Arts (1966) (split documentary with Roy Lichtenstein), 17'16"
  4. Superartist Andy Warhol (1967) (Directed by Juan Drago and Bruce Torbert) 21'19"
  5. Warhol Makes A Movie (documentary, 1968), 9'26"
  6. Warhol Interview Segment from Emile de Antonio's "Painters Painting" (1972) 12'55"
    [view film here]
  7. Factory Diary: Letter to Man Ray (1976) 8'48"
  8. BBC Radio 4 Interview (March 17, 1981) 10'25"
    Andy Warhol talks to Edward Lucie Smith about portrait painting, his choice of subject, his work process, wanting to paint as many pictures as he can, his love of his Sony Walkman, his favourite subject, his dislike of feelings and emotions, his sense of time and ageing and his affection for everyone.
  9. Andy Warhol interviews Larry Rivers (early 1980s) 28'05"
  10. Portrait of An Artist - Andy Warhol (1987) (dir. Lana Jokel), 53'16"
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