John Wiese (b. 1977)

Soft Punk (2007)

1. Atural Magic

2. Sad Psychics

3. Recorded Hologram

4. PS2

5. Spectral Hand

6. No Party

7. Trapped in A Spell

8. New Wave Dust

9. Snow Pit

10. Winter Vacation

11. Casual Psychedelics

12. Tacks

13. Blazer Wrecks

Magical Crystal Blah Volume 3 (2005)

1. Untitled

2. Untitled

3. Untitled

4. Untitled

5. Untitled

6. Untitled

7. Untitled

8. Untitled

9. Untitled

10. Untitled

11. Untitled

12. Untitled

13. Untitled

14. Untitled

15. Untitled

16. Untitled

17. Untitled

18. Untitled

19. Untitled

20. Untitled

21. Untitled

22. Untitled

23. Untitled

24. Untitled

25. Untitled

26. Untitled

27. Untitled

28. Untitled

29. Untitled

30. Untitled

31. Untitled

32. Untitled

33. Untitled

34. Untitled

35. Untitled

36. Untitled

37. Untitled

Live In Nottingham (2007)

1. Side A [16:49]

2. Side B [15:15]

Collaboration between John Wiese and C. Spencer Yeh

Originally released on LP by WHAT THE...? Records in an edition of 300. Live "bootleg" recording of a performance that John Wiese and myself did in a gallery in Nottingham England.

Tiny Red Tables b/w Big American Hole (2007)

1. Tiny Red Tables [13:15]

2. Big American Hole [13:11]

Collaboration between John Wiese and C. Spencer Yeh

Originally released on Helicopter as a 25+ minute long mono 7" single in an edition of 150. John Wiese and I were both a part of this "Free Noise UK" tour at the time which included a variety of "free jazz" and "noise" musicians. Both John and I had these matching handheld tape recorders, and so at any/all times, we'd collect various field recordings, soundchecks, vocal utterances, just total garbage, and every evening these pieces would find their way into the performances as source material. This 7" is a recording of Wiese playing back the accumulated recordings on the original handheld recorders. Titles were provided by saxophonist Evan Parker, one of the players in the "Free Noise UK" ensemble.

John Wiese is an artist and composer from Los Angeles, California. His recent works have a focus on installation and multi-channel diffusions, as well as scoring for large ensembles. He has toured extensively throughout the world, covering the US, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. He is also a founding member of the concrète grindcore band Sissy Spacek.