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SOS Poetry (2007)
Mairéad Byrne

85 Pages

Within hours of its release SOS POETRY was wreaking havoc with readers' sleep. Cathy Wagner checked her email just before bed & though she was completely wiped, eyeballs like raisins, read SOS POETRY straight through & laughed a lot & nodded a lot & went to bed with her eyeballs like GRAPES. The author's daughter said: "ok i need to go to sleep so im going to stop reading the book now. let me tell you is great. im sitting here laughing and crying at the same time. i love you so much." Joseph Massey was more restrained: "This is wonderful. I'm perusing it now, as I type, while drinking some sort of mint tea -- pleasurable." Evie Shockley said: "you are totally on crack. : ) i'm laughing and cheering through my sleepless haze... ." And - proving that the effect lasted well into next day - Dodo said: "I spent a good part of the morning reading the book (When I should have been doing other things, but I was entranced)." Other encomia include:

thats a great collection, had me laughing out loud
marcus gosling (author's nephew)


O mairead,
i hope we can hang out some day.
Sharon harris

wow! I really love this!
Michelle detorie