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Situation Comedies: Foxy Moron
Barbara Cole

50 Pages

Cole's writing exists somewhere between the genres of public confession that we associate with the late Spalding Gray—in this way, a form of drama, but in a distinctly American humorist tradition—and the large-scale collage works of someone like Ted Berrigan or Bruce Andrews, moving assuredly through a mélange of juxtapositions between pop-culture jingles and the delectable traumas (to a teenager) of sexual catharsis. Some of the movement of Foxy Moron doesn't feel terribly poetic, at least in a Romantic sense; a lot from "life" drops in wholesale, without the lyric ego to compromise the corporate vulgarity of the product displacements or urgency of a teen's libido, but that is the strength of the work: to remain narrative, engaging and funny despite being suspended in a sort of late-Projective stew, vulnerable to poetic processes of collage and hyper-reference.