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Spaghetti Dreadful (trailer for A Penny Dreadful)
Gustave Morin

38 Pages

Morin extends the tradition of "Concrete" poetry into a space of incredible visual subtlety, such that one can link him, without embarrassment, to the works of image-makers ranging from Goya to his countryman, film director Guy Maddin, from the deep prehistory of Radical Graphic artists (where Marshall MacLuhan and Quentin Fiore of The Medium is the Massage hold court) to the low-tech work of those working in zines and the traditions of "dirty concrete." More than sophisticated "one-liners," Morin's work encourages one to look closer, for even as one rationalizes and "consumes" the various components of the image, settling on a static, reproducible "meaning" is difficult without betrayal of the semantic aura. This "trailer" (as in movie preview) of his sepia-tinged A Penny Dreadful, which was ten years in the making, should encourage many to go the extra yard and purchase this graphic "novel" that is also a valuable satiric commentary on the benighted paths our planet is treading.