Visual Poetry

Jaap Blonk

PhonEmbraces [PDF, 10.1mb] 2007.

4 selections from Flux de Bouche (1993, Staalplaat STCD 046):
Frictional [PDF, 1.8mb] 1992.
Rhotic [PDF, 2mb] 1991.
Just a Thought [PDF, 614kb] 1991.
Flux de Bouche [PDF, 314kb] 1992.

5 selections Vocalor (Staalplaat STCD 112, 1998):
Prelabior [PDF, 1.4mb] 1994.
Labior [PDF, 184kb] 1998.
facial [PDF, 147kb] 1998.
Suavecito [PDF, 115kb] 1997.
Kulo quasi [PDF, 1.1mb] 1993.

An elite performer of sound poetry, Jaap Blonk's scores give a visual cue as to the possibilities in sound poetry scoring.