Visual Poetry

Poor.Old.Tired.Horse. (1962-68)

Ian Hamilton Finlay's Poor.Old.Tired.Horse. is one of the most important visual poetry magazines internationally. The magazine began to publish an increasing amount of visual poetry starting with issue 5. Finlay (1925-2006) would eventually distance himself from visual poetry in favour of his Wild Hawthorne Press, poetic objects and his monumental Little Sparta.

No. 1 [PDF, 3.4mb]

Includes work by Pete Brown, Fyodor Tyutchev, Anselm Hollo, Alan Riddell, Gael Turnbull, Lorine Niedecker and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

No. 2 [PDF, 4.2mb]

Includes work by Tuomas Anhava, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Shimpei Kusano, Jerome Rothenberg, George Mackay Brown, Cid Corman, Gerry A. Zdanowicz, Attila Jozsef, Lesley Lendrum and Dave Ball.

No. 3 [PDF, 4.4mb]

Includes work by Robert Garioch, Jonathan Williams, Guillaume Apollinaire, Cesar Lopez Nunuz, Veng, Larry Eigner, R. Crombie Saunders, Libby Houston, Edwin Morgan, Giacomo Leopardi and Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

No. 4 [PDF, 5.6mb]

Includes work by George Trakl, Spike Hawkins, Heinrich von Morungen, J.F. Hendry, Helen B. Cruickshank, Bernanrd Kops, Alexander McNeish, Suzan Livingstone and Lorine Neidecker.

No. 5 [PDF, 5mb]

Includes work by Andrei Voznesenky, e.e. cummings, Alan Riddell, Vasko Popa, Pete Brown, Tao Ch'ien, Armand Schwerner, Hans Arp, Pablo Neruda, Theodore Enslin, Pekka Lounela, Robert Garioch and Marvin Malone.

No. 5 Insert [PDF, 795kb]

No. 6 [PDF, 4.2mb]

Includes work by Bernard Kops, Larry Eigner, J.F. Hendry, Attila Jozsef, Louis Zukofsky, Mary Ellen Solt, Guenter Grass, Michael Shayer, Spike Hawkins, marcelo moure, pedro xisto and Augusto de Campos.

No. 7 [PDF, 4.2mb]

Includes work by Kurt Shwitters, Paul Celan, Robert Creeley, Piero Heliczer, Mario Trufelli, Andrei Voznesenky, Crombrie Saunders, Paul Blackburn, Richard Huelsenbeck, Robert Simmons and Hamish McLaren.

No. 7 Insert [PDF, 1.3mb]

No. 8 [PDF, 5mb]

Includes work by Ian Hamilton Finlay & Peter Stitt, Yury Pankratov, Andrei Voznesenky, Vladimir Mayakovsky, El Lissitsky, A. Khlebnikov, Spike Hawkins, Jonathan Williams, Alexander Tardovskii, Velemir Khlebnikov and Mary Ellen Solt.

No. 9 [PDF, 4.9mb]

Includes work by Peter Stitt, Paul Fort, Lorine Niedecker, Ronald Johnson, Rocco Scotellaro, Libby Houston, John Gray and Paulo Marcos de Andrade.

No. 9 Insert [PDF, 1mb]

No. 10 [PDF, 3.1mb]

Includes work by Robert Lax, Eugen Gomringer, Anselm Hollo, Augusto de Campos, Ian Hamilton Finlay, dom sylvester houédard and Edwin Morgan.

No. 10 Insert [PDF, 2.2mb]

No. 11 [PDF, 6mb]

Includes work by John Picking, Horace, Robert Simmons, J.F. Hendry, Ann McGarrell, Guillaume Apollinaire, Christian Morgenstern, Kurt Sigel, Michael Shayer and Renyo Laurano.

No. 12 [PDF, 10mb]

Includes work by Jeffrey Steele, Paul de Vree, Mary Ellen Solt, Edwin Morgan, dom sylvester houédard, J.F. Hendry, Ian Hamilton Finlay and Ernst Jandl.

No. 12 Insert [PDF, 1mb]

No. 13 [PDF, 6.5mb]

Includes work by John Furnivall, Mary Ellen Solt, Guillaume Apollinaire, Marvin Malone, Lorine Niedecker, Jerome Rothenberg, Ronald Johnson and Ian Hamilton Finlay.

No. 13 Insert 1 [PDF, 1.1mb]

No. 13 Insert 2 [PDF, 1.4mb]

No. 14 [PDF, 7.3mb]

Includes work by Pierre Albert-Birot, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Heinz Gappmayer, Mary Ellen Solt, John Furnival and Pedro Xisto.

No. 15 [PDF, 10mb]

Includes work by Margot Sandeman, George Mackay Brown, Eli Siegel, Edwin Morgan, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hamish MacLaren, Theodore Enslin, Libby HOuston and R.L. Cook.

No. 16 [PDF, 7.7mb]

Includes work by Pierre Albert-Birot, Enrique Uribe, Francis Ponge, Ernst Jandl, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tristan Tzara, Hermann Hesse, Anonymous, Barry Cole, Jonathan Williams and Spike Hawkins.

No. 16 Insert [PDF, 893kb]

No. 17 [PDF, 7.8mb]

Includes work by Robert Lax and Emil Antonucci.

No. 18 [PDF, 7.1mb]

Includes work by Ad Reinhardt and Bridget Riley.

No. 19 [PDF, 12.1mb]

Includes work by Ronald Johnson and John Furnival.

No. 20 [PDF, 4.3mb]

Includes work by Ian Hamilton Finlay and Peter Lyle.

No. 21 [PDF, 6.2mb]

Includes work by Edgard Braga and Nigel Sutton.

No. 22 [PDF, 7mb]

Includes work by Charles Biederman

No. 23 [PDF, 10.2mb]

Includes work by Max Weber, Theodore Enslin, Pierre Albert-Birot, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Eli Sigel, Gael Turnbull, George Mackay Brown, Edwin Morgan and Ronald Johnson.

No. 24 [PDF, 14.2mb]

Includes work by Claus Bremer, Eugen Gomringer, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hansjorg Mayer, John Furnival, Edwin Morgan, Stephen Bann and Kenelm Cox.

No. 25 [PDF, 6.2mb]

Includes work by Ronald Johnson, Edwin Morgan, George Mackay Brown, Eli Siegel, Jerome Rothenberg, Hugh Creighton Hill, Stuart Mills, Anonymous, Pedro Xisto, Alan Riddell, Martin Seymour-Smith, Kenelm Cox, Giles Gordon, Douglas Young, Edward Lucie-Smith, Stephen Bann, Dick Sweeter, Astrid Gillis, Oswald de Andrade, Ernst Jandl, Gael Turnbull, Aram Saroyan, Jonathan Williams and Ian Hamilton Finlay.