Visual Poetry

John M. Bennett (b. 1942)

Found Objects, 1973 [PDF]
Works, 1973 [PDF]
Do Not Cough: Selected Labels, 1976 [PDF]
Motel Moods, 1980 [PDF]
The Blur, 1987 [PDF]
Blanksmanship, 1994 [PDF]
Zabod, 2010 [PDF]

John M. Bennett (b. 1942) is a poet, visual poet and musician living in Columbus, Ohio. In 1974, he founded Luna Bisonte Prods, a small press releasing his own poetry and art, as well as other writersÂ’ work. He edited and published the Lost and Found Times magazine from 1975 to 2005. He is curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries, Columbus, OH. In 2002, he exhibited some specimens from this collection during a show called An American Avantgarde: Second Wave. The 84pp catalog is a perfect introduction to the world of visual poetry and is linked to below as a PDF file. Bennett has published over 400 books, chapbooks, cassettes, and CDs of poetry and other materials. He has collaborated with numerous avantgarde poets, artists, and musicians since the 1970s, lately with the Be Blank Consort, a quartet of sound poets including Scott Helmes, Carlos Luis, and Kathy Ernst, performing with occasional guests.

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