Visual Poetry

dom sylvester houédard

Between poetry and Painting: Chronology [PDF, 26mb], 1965.
anacyclic poem [PDF, 393kb], 1966.
Tantric Poems Perhaps [PDF, 4.1mb], 1967.
12 dancepoems from the cosmic typewriter [PDF, 10.1mb], 1969.
like contemplation [PDF, 4.1mb], 1972.
ceolfrith No.15 [PDF, 67.8mb], 1972.

dom sylvester houédard was a Benedictine monk at Prinknash Abbey, Glouchestershire, UK and a pioneer of British concrete poetry and typewriter-driven typstracts.

""During 1945 I realized the typewriter's control of verticals and horizontals, balancing its mechanism for release from its own imposed grid, (and) offered possibilities that suggested (I was in India at the time), the grading of Islamic calligraphy from cursive (naskhi) writing through cufic to the abstract formal arabesque, that 'wise modulation between being and not being'." -- from Cratylus: The English Artist and the Word (London: British Council, 1979)

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